Working as a United Team with our Clients:

What is unique about bizworx!inc. Services? What sets us apart from other business filing, incorporating and consulting services?

• We tailor our services to meet your business needs. Many other business filing and incorporation services do only “cooker cutter” or “cut and paste” services. Whatever services we provide, we do it based on your individual business or organizational needs.

• Our pricing is clear. Many other businesses offer a range of pricing options for each service. This often ends up costing the consumer more money. bizworx, inc. offers a basic cost for services. We are clear and up front about costs. We often add additional benefits by helping you to think through your business or organizational plan for maximum results.

• We do quicker turnarounds. We can complete most business incorporation and filing services within 3-5 business days, oftentimes sooner.

• We are experts. We have a staff with the expertise to get your documents right the first time. We also help to advise you on the best possible options for your business or organization.

• We are confidential. We ensure that your documents are private and are not ever comprised.

• We are ethical. We treat every customer with the highest ethical standards.

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